Adventure Travel Tours for Singles
You live in a great big, wonderful world, and there's plenty of adventure waiting for you.  But, are you waiting to get out there because you're worried about traveling alone?  Stop worrying.  

Adventure Travel offers a variety of adventure tours for individual travelers.  Now, you can take the vacation you've been dreaming of.  Traveling solo means you'll have the complete freedom to make decisions, without worrying about meeting someone else's demands.  You don't have to compromise your wishes, but are free to meet new people, try new foods and explore the world on your terms.

People searching for something more than the typical resort experience love Adventure Travel tours.  These popular excursions allow adventurous travelers to visit exciting places, taste exotic foods, experience unique cultures, and live the dream.  Adventure Travel tours for singles make it possible for individual travelers to visit new destinations and attractions, and try unique activities and tour programs.

There is a vast array of adventure holidays for single travelers to choose from, at any time of year.  You can visit diverse destinations like Africa, or take a dream tour of Northern Europe.  Adventure Tours offers single the chance to take part in eco-cultural tours, festivals, multi-activity vacations and discovery tours.  If you are curious about a particular part of the world, or just have the itch to get away and experience something new, Adventure Travel has your ticket.   With canoeing, fishing, white water rafting, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, mountain climbing and biking, there is virtually no limit to where your travels can take you.

Here are some of the most popular Adventure Travel tours for singles:

Exhilarating East Africa
This adventure tour allows you to experience the pristine environment of Kenya.  You'll see the magical rainforests, rolling wooded grasslands and African savannahs.  There is no end to the excitement as you explore historic private homesteads, and witness herds of roaming elephants. Added walking, trekking, horseback riding, camel trekking, and mountain biking tours complete this incredible experience.  The climax of this once-in-a-lifetime experience is your visit to the island of Zanzibar, where you'll have the opportunity to snorkel, scuba dive and simply relax on the beach.

Scuba Diving at Ocotal Beach Resort
Located in Costa Rica, Ocotal Beach is a volcanic sandy beach known for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and other beach activities. With restricted road access on the resort end, it's the perfect spot for secluded relaxation on the beach.  Travelers who take advantage of the incredible package are able to experience Ocotal Beach's famous scuba diving.  Best of all, you will decide how much time you want to spend exploring, and how long you'd like to stay.   

Rio and the Amazon
The incomparable enchantment of Brazil awaits you with this combination package in the land of Samba. This Adventure Travel tour begins in Rio de Janeiro, "the City of Endless Charms", and then takes you on a tour of the amazing tropical beaches and emerald mountains.  You will see the most beautiful sights, and meet unforgettable people.  Finally, you will move on to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, where you will embark on a transition from city life to jungle life.

The chance to experience the wonders of the world is not an opportunity that's available strictly to couples.  With Adventure Travel tours for singles, solo travelers can enjoy worry-free travel and experience the vacation of a lifetime.