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Home improvement shows are inspiring some people to opt for the remodel of their dreams instead of a project more practical for their financial reality.

Recent surveys have found that 60 percent of respondents who have recently remodeled their home developed a budget before starting their project. However, 27 percent of renovators spent more than they'd intended.

Sticking to a renovation budget can be challenging, especially when home improvement television shows and magazines stir up consumer appetites for the latest in home appliances and decor. Home renovators often have the best of intentions when it comes to abiding by their budget, but often the influence of renovation shows can force them into a 'stretch' situation, which can cause serious financial headaches when the final bill is tallied.

The ability to foresee extra costs through appropriate financial planning can reduce the stress of home renovations. Experts suggest securing financing prior to the remodel, such as a personal or homeowners' line of credit, which affords the financial cushion most home renovators require. Having a line of credit available doesn't mean that you have to use it, but it does provide additional security if you hit unexpected costs such as re-wiring your home.

While the survey showed that 68 percent of respondents use cash from savings or investments to pay for remodeling, a lack of planning could mean financial challenges later on. The survey also showed that 34 percent of homeowners are in debt to renovate.

Home Improvement Shows Could Ruin Your Marriage

Attempts to emulate television "dream homes" could be turning DIY into D.I.V.O.R.C.E, according to a new study from British Gas' Website  Over half of our DIY is now inspired by television shows, but 80 percent of families admit to having had disputes over failed makeovers.

Two in three families cite dissension over color schemes being the likeliest source of a renovation-related break-up.

The research was conducted to evaluate consumer attitudes to DIY. features a national directory of "trusted tradesman," provided by HomePro Ltd, prominent online supplier of screened trade professionals in the UK.  

Calling in a tradesman could help families prevent not just an argument, but also a massive bill. Homeowners spend millions fixing their DIY catastrophes.

Uncertainty over real estate prices means that 84 percent are taking advice from television shows and redecorating instead of moving to another home.

Top Ten Reasons for DIY Disagreements:

1. Quarreling over color schemes
2. The person working on the DIY didn't want to do it in the first place
3. Assuming it will be as easy as it looked on a television show
4. Tasks not being completed
5. Finding the time to complete the DIY
6. Disorder /disruption
7. Tension
8. Expenses
9. Lack of fundamental DIY knowledge
10. Differences of opinion between homeowning couples
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